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Moving Scams | Local Move 

What is a local move?
A local move is a move that takes you within a 100-mile radius and stays within the same state. Few factors determine the cost of a local move. A local move may take a couple of hours or a couple of days, based on the quantity of items and the particular services required.
Packing Services Inc. can perform and complete a customer’s move within most requested time frames. At Packing Services, Inc. we are also fully aware of the numerous factors involved when moving locally or internationally. The most important decisions involved in the moving process are to first select and verify a moving date, a closing date, lease expiration, work schedules and restrictions of building management for the particular facility. Packing Services, Inc. will not only answer and guide our customers through this strenuous process, but also provide the best pricing, advice and information regarding your move. We also warn you of other unethical companies in this industry known to perform moving fraud. This helps to ensure our customers receive the best possible service in the industry. Packing Services, Inc. pays great attention to our customer’s needs and timetable to fulfill all of your moving service requirements.

How does a local mover charge?
If you are moving locally, most relocation moving companies charge per hour depending on how many movers and trucks are involved. This is a very popular way that unethical movers scam customers, because the movers will work slower to stretch the time out, so there are no guarantees on what the final cost will be. These movers scam by taking as much time as they want, and will shamelessly charge you for that stolen time. Remember Packing Services, Inc. does not charge for time, we provide you with a flat quote for the entire job!

Packing Services, Inc. charges a guaranteed flat rate quote for moving based on the size of your job. In most cases, our company will provide over the phone, via email or at your location a guaranteed price so you know how much it will cost before the actual moving day arrives.

How moving scams apply on a local move?
Some movers scam clients by charging extra money for travel time. They include the time it takes to go to and from the office, these movers can work slowly and use unnecessary packing supplies that the movers will only tell you about when your items are locked in their truck, a notorious type of moving fraud. You can get an estimate over the phone or on the internet from most companies, but it will be "low-balled" as to how many hours it will take the movers to complete your job, but again, the movers scam the client by working slow. They lure you in with a low estimate knowing full well they will bill you more for extra time, materials, space, etc. If you hear estimate, move on and always ask for a flat rate quote for the entire job!

How can I avoid the moving company scam?
Write down the names of the companies you are thinking of using and find out more about the history of the company by going to or

Get an in-home guaranteed quote before your moving date with a flat price for your move including all fees and expenses (don't hire a company to perform your move that charges an hourly rate) and of course, ask a lot of questions! If the mover or company appears suspicious or acts unprofessional, keep looking as these types of companies commit moving fraud. Packing Services, Inc. is the ONLY PACKING COMPANY that provides free information about moving company scams, moving fraud and ways to avoid these unethical practices from happening to you. At Packing Services, Inc. our customers much like our proud company name mean everything to us.

What are the best ways to move and avoid the moving company scam?
Let our packing company provide the packing and loading services (and unloading services if needed) and get charged one flat rate fee, this way you will know how much it will cost from the beginning with no extra charges and no surprises. We recommend you get a rental truck or a Pods container and we will handle the rest. Movers can scam customers by keeping their customer in the dark about their hidden fees. We, however, tell our customers (upfront) what the fees will be. We provide only guaranteed flat rate quotes!

What you should do if you must use a moving company?
The best way to move will be with a large company such as: Mayflower, Allied or North American. They are very professional and know what they are doing, but because they have been in business for a long time they are a lot more expensive than a smaller company. If you do hire a company like this, always ask for a flat rate guaranteed quote before the job, like Packing Services, Inc. provides. Our advice to avoid the moving scams is to not use a smaller unknown company; these companies can close their business at any time and then re-open another company under a new name. A lot of unethical companies do this. This is an easy way for them to hide their bad reputation. These moving company scams are all too common, so be sure to protect yourself and let Packing Services, Inc. guide you in the right direction.

What are the differences between shipping/moving companies and Packing Services, Inc.?
Most moving companies charge $30.00-$40.00 per box, our company charges $7.00-$18.00 per box (in Florida), we don't charge for time at all. Please don't forget that our prices are more competitive than any shipping relocation or moving services company. We also have the most professional employees in the business. We demand that our employees have worked for a minimum of one year in the moving services industry, or they cannot work for our company. Most moving companies hire people with no experience in packing, loading or moving items without damaging them. If they charge by the hour, they will waste your time and money because they want to make as much money as they can from your time. This is moving fraud: it's not designed to help you, but to drain your wallet. Make an informed decision and ask all the right questions up front.

Will I have to pay for anything besides labor costs for my move with a moving services company?
Yes, you may have to pay for required packing supplies and for special care required to pack delicate or over sized items such as televisions or pianos. Make sure to discuss these fees with your moving company before your move.

Do I have to pay for the time it takes for the trucks to arrive at my house from the company's office and back again?
All moving company's charge for what is called travel time to and from the office. Packing Services, Inc. doesn't charge for travel time, as it is part of your flat price. We don't charge by the hour, unlike most of the other moving companies in the industry. We are professionals providing the most professional services in the industry.

Are Packing Services, Inc.’s movers experienced workers?
Our employees are experts in packing services, loading / unloading trucks, international containers and pods containers. They are seasoned professionals with the best knowledge in the business of how items should be loaded and stacked. Our employees must work for a moving services provider for at least one year before we will hire them. Most moving and packing companies hire people with no experience (labor ready guys) in packing and loading services, these inexperienced workers do not know how to move your items without damaging them.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my move?
We recommend you reserve your moving date ASAP! You should note that movers are very busy from the 23rd to the 6th of every month. Plan ahead because chance favors the prepared mind!


Can I ride with the movers on my moving day?
No, moving companies do not allow passengers to accompany them in the moving truck for liability and insurance reasons.

Does a moving company need to be licensed?
All moving companies are required to be "registered" and have operating permits for the province, State or County they operate in. You should check these references with your local agencies. If the “company” you hire isn't registered, that's a good indicator of a probable scam. Always do your research!

When do I need to pay for my moving services?
Moving companies will charge you a deposit and the rest of the money at the time before unloading. We only charge you at the end of your move when all items are off the truck. In some of our jobs all over the U.S. we sometimes take a small deposit from the flat rate quote you will get from us.

What is a booking agent?
A booking agent is the person you choose as your mover or the member of a van line that will manage all dates and services for your move. Packing Services, Inc. does not have or use any booking agents, as a professional packing company we do our own jobs.

What is full packing?
A full packing is when the movers pack everything for you. Make sure to keep any legal papers, medicines and valuables with you during the move, let our company do the packing services which will usually take us only few hours to finish depending on the size of the job. When you know what you’re doing you can get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently.

How can I ensure that special items will be treated with extra-special care?
You can move some of the items that have high sentimental or monetary value yourself. If you prefer to let your movers complete this task, make sure you clearly indicate which items you would like them to take special care of during the move.

Am I expected to tip the guys?
Our employees will not ask for a tip like most other moving companies but it is customary to tip if the job is well done.

Do I have to empty all of my filing cabinets?
Metal filing cabinets with 2-drawers can be left full, but you should empty the top 2 drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet. You should also completely empty all lateral file cabinets and all drawers of a wooden cabinet.

Will my movers clean my home once my move is complete?
Most professional movers will clean up any mess they have made during the actual move. However, they don’t perform general house cleaning so you must hire a professional cleaning service or perform this task yourself.

The manner in which a moving company scams their customers can be ruthless. The pricing that seemed to be innocent can turn out to be ugly, and the service that was promised to be efficient can be sloppy. Do your homework; investigate any company you’re interested in. Don’t fall prey to the moving company scams. You work hard for your money and deserve the most professional services in the business!

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